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Discussion in 'The Haberdashery' started by OldSaw, Dec 30, 2018.

    My eldest stepdaughter is getting married in March. She has turned down all of my bow tie selections so far. She gave me this piece of a swatch and wants this color, either solid or in the pattern.

    Please offer me your suggestions. I prefer self tie, but at this stage I’ll settle for a pre-tied model if she approves. Also, cost is a minimal factor since I already have my bespoke suit from the last child’s wedding.

    Thanks in advance!
  1. musicman1951

    musicman1951 Contributor

  2. Ok, found one. I ordered this Ankara model from Beau Ties LTD.
  3. Pepin

    Pepin Ambassador

  4. Yes, I did eventually find them and that’s where I got the one in the picture. I think my stepdaughter is happy not to be reviewing my selections anymore.

  5. Doc4

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    Mission accomplished.
  6. Cool! Are these local tailors?
  7. No that store in the link! Other tailors might do that, but I’ve never seen it offered before (or thought about it really).

  8. Thanks for pointing that out. I didn’t see that my first time through. I think I’m going to go back over there and get another tie for the reception. Once the ceremony is over my style is mine to choose.
  9. strop

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    I've sent several long ties to them for conversion. They do a great job.

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