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Bought one of those Weishi 9306s from Amazon

I figured if my 1967 Super Speed broke or if I retired it the Weishi would shave the same and for $10 what the heck. The finish is fine and with a little oil it works smoothly like the 1967. However, I was expecting a shave like a Tech but mine, for some reason, is way more aggressive. Two passes with a 7 O'clock yellow and my face said "stop, that's enough". Try as they may to copy the original they still can't get it 100%. I see now why you guys pay $100 for a US made razor like a Rockwell.
You can find razors under $100 wuhich will give a bang for the buck (including Rockwell's C line). I had the same experience as you did. Started with a 34C HD... went for 37C Slant for more agressive and then dipped my finger into chinesse clones: bronze Yintal (horrible aggresivnes), QShave Futur clone (unequel side blade gaps), Baili 131 (to aggressive for me), Baili 173 (Victory) - acceptable but still no iritation free.
And then... I said Stop! Bought an Rockwell 6C which gives me less to no iritation. So ... next I bought a King C Gillete which even if is partialy chinnese, it does a pretty good job for 15euros (yeah... I know I said Stop! ... but was only for chinese ones).

For me the chinese DE razors experience was not a successfull one.

ps: last night I ordered an Henson ::001_unsur
An example of the crappy quality control at Weishi. My 9306 doesn’t shave at all. Like as if it had no blade. To get quality cheap gear ($10 and under) that works really, really well but Lord razors, particularly the L5 or L6. Get the cheap Chinese crap out of your life
The baili tto is a superspeed clone too.

I remember there were two versions of the original super speed head, one earlier and one later. And one of these heads is milder than the other. They also look a little bit different, one version of the head is slimmer.

The weishi imitates the more aggressive one and the baili imitates the milder head. And i think I remember the later produced super speed head was the milder one.
I think I read this in a German forum,but I cannot exactly say.

Maybe this can help you.

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The Weishi reminds me of the time I would loosen up the doors of my Super Speed to get more blade feel. I'm going back 30+ years maybe 40.
I picked up a 9306g years ago just for the travel case lol. Couldn't use the razor at all. Trashed it
But I think I paid like $5 so all I wanted waa the case
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