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Bought new ink!pics included)

Hello all! I got some new ink for my metropolitan! YAY! You'll never guess where, maido! There is a store near by that sells a bunch of fountain pens and other stationary from japan.

The ink I got is from Platinum, "carbon ink"...And well, the stuff is pure amazing. I've never seen this pen perform like this(then again I was using crummy pelikan which is okay at best).
50 Ml ran me about 27, just about the same price as online if you factor in shipping and tax charges.
I also saw many pens that you guys suggested to me in the other thread I created asking which pen to get and actually settled on the Lamy studio(it felt GREAT in my hand and was of good quality), it had the perfect amount of works with out being too flashy(like another poster stated), easily a refined and tasteful design.

ANYWHO onto the photos.
Sorry, a few of them came out a little...Artsy, almost like ink bottle glamour shots, not what I intended.

The section of Lamy pens.

Small but decent selection of ink. They are fairly new so maybe this will expand?

I missed the 3rd section but it's small anyways so oh well. But eat your heart out(this applies to online buyers who have no decent store). ;)

Dark bold lines.

Notebook used is 24 LBS white "optik" paper from Black n' Red.


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