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Bought a tube of La Toja shave cream and I like it!

I like it a lot. I've used the stick (puckified) for a few years and have kept meaning to try the cream. I was pleasantly surprised that it smelled like the old, pre-reformulated stick vs. the new one. Great cream in all the ways I like. One likes the scent or doesn't but I'm glad to have it in my rotation. FWIW, first use was today and I used my Muhle Rocca birch razor with a new Nacet and lathered with the matching STF brush. Just wunnerful with a BBS result. Used T&H Trafalgar aftershave balm to finish. Works well with La Toja.
Yes, La Toja shaving creams are excellent and don’t break the bank.

I think I prefer the Classic (dark red tube) cream by a minute amount over the Sensitive (beige tube), but it could be like with coffee (where buyers by for no obvious reason prefer red and brown packaging over blue and yellow) and it’s all in my head… :wink2:

In any case, both work extremely well even though the slight saltiness from the mineral salts may come as a suprise to some.

I really like La Toja. The sensitive is my favorite, maybe. I like both and use both. Great shaving soap. I only have backups of La Toja and Mitchell's Wool Fat. Everything else that I have I have not bought backups for.
I've only used the sensitive one and it has a medicine scent which I don't hate but is not pleasant either. However it performs really well.
I love the La Toja cream. It has become my favorite cream. It is easy to control the lather, it is good in every way. It makes lather easily and it's a rich creamy lather at that. I just love it. It has a nice clean scent. So their stick is among the best and so is the cream. Really great stuff.

La Toja sticsk, creams, and balms are really good stuff for the price they cost. In Portugal those sticks cost like 1.75€, and the cream like 3€ which is NUTS!
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