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Bought a Philips Norelco One blade, not sure I'm into it

Waking up at 6am, barely finding your way to the bathroom. You want peace, quiet, more sleep and rest in your comfy soft bed.

And then...


So damn annoying.
No, thank you. I don't care how it shaves.
Haha, I can understand. I shave after work so that's never been a concern for me but I can confidently tell you that I could only do that one single time in my master bath with a sleeping wife a few feet away at 6am before she'd toss it out the window and tell me to grow a beard lol.

I've tried using the Philips oneblade with barbasol and with bar soap hand lather but both times found I greatly preferred it's dry shave. Well yesterday my Omega S brush and tub (yup, tub) of arko that I forgot I "late night" online purchased showed up so I decided to give it a lather and go. I face lathered arko and dove in to the usual ATG shave I do with the oneblade due to it's design. I am really impressed with how this worked. I did have to go in for a second clean up "pass" to hit some stubborn areas but I typically do this dry as well. My post shave feel was great, not saying it's bad normally with this device but this was even better. The brush really helped cure this device's tendency to skip flat hairs. The lather also seemed to help keep the shaver head clean and free of debris. Since no actual blade is touching your skin you have more wiggle room on the quality of lather which is a bonus.

All in all the Philips Norelco oneblade continues to show it's worth to me despite my initial impression and continues to be what I reach for most in my den.