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Bosley hair care products. Gentle . Cheap and good if you have the problem...

Has anybody else used these?http://www.bosley.com/shop/hairformula.php
I've used them for the obvious reason for 8 months alternating with Paul Mitchell Tea Tree line and Shampoo One line. I don't have dandruff, but half my shampoos are for dandruff. I'll use the TS and Volumizing Body Booster with the PMs with the same good results. I probably ought to say that visually I don't see much difference whether I use these products or not, but it does give me a psychological edge (Bosley's bread and butter!).
Bosley sent me a 12oz. bottle of Temporary Smoother as a free sample!
I'm a patient: I don't own the company:biggrin:
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