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Born in the DE Razor - Then Cartridge - DE Return

Hi to everyone and congrats for this wonderfull forum.

I want to know if any here have storys about their first experiences with DE razors (because, when they were youngs the only razors in the market where precisely DE's).

Then when you grow up, the cartridge system come out whit a lot of examples, like the Atra, Sensor, M3, etc... I think that you used it, no?
Do you really felt a mediocre shaving at that time or you felt that those systems (cartridge) improve your shaves? Be honest...

After answer that, the natural question is, why do you return to the DE system. Nostalgia ? At first, you always think that shave with a DE was better ? Do you want to share quality time with yourself...?

Thanks for your interest (and your post...)


P.D. Sorry for my bad english.


My father grew up shaving with DE's, and he used to always tell me about how much he hated the damn things, and how he would cut his face to bits constantly.

I recently got him back into DE shaving by buying him a good super-speed on his birthday. He had been using a brush and cream (GFT and Proraso) for a while, but he was still using his mach 3.

He is enjoying the DE much more now that he uses proper technique, good lather, and good blades.
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