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Borax and Brush Question

For the first 3+ weeks I used a stand that held the brush around the hairs(where they enter the handle). I noticed what I assumed was soap scum or hard water deposits but after 3 soakings(once for over an hour...football distracted me) in borax(20 Mule) it seem unaffected.

Should I just stick to periodic short soaks and hope it is gradually washed away or can I mix the borax into a paste and use it with a toothbrush?
I personally would not use a borax-paste. I would stick with a more diluted solution.

You might try white vinegar soak (20% vinegar to 80% water)
Could be but the buildup is primarily right at the spots where the stand pinched the hairs...opposing sides. I've switched to a stand that holds the handle near the base and it hasn't gotten any worse. I guess I'll find out eventually though.
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