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BOOTS Freshwood brushless

My premiere shave using the Freshwood cream.....The tools were a virgin Rainbow blade loaded into a gold Schone DE open comb. Double wash & rinse with bar soap and hot water before shaving , the usual technique....Massaged a dollop of Freshwood between palms and worked it onto the beard for 2 minutes..This is a very loose , thin cream, and stays that way on the skin, it even disappears if you let it sit too long..I did get a shave out of it , but not smooth , not BBS , and 3 nicks from lack of protection....It smells good , a manly spice scent..I got this in a trade , but would not buy it myself...Stephan's Smooth Shave ranks #1 with me , EGO from Ukraine is a very high quality brushless cream , and Eveline Menline brushless gel from Poland is also superb , but sadly BOOTS DSCN1382.JPG Freshwood is for "emergency use only" .
Thanks for the review malocchio.

I enjoy reading about the products you use and have made a few cream purchases based on your suggestions.
Great to try these obscure products even if they turn out to be a dud, it's the only way you will know...
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