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Boot socks. What do you wear?


Needs milk and a bidet!
I need some boot socks that won't fall down my calf and wont bunch up at the toes. I wear the Workhog steel toe boots by Ariat: Workhog Steel Toe | Ariat

I wear these boots 10-12 hours while at work. I've tried socks by Realtree and they are great, stay up on my calf. But...they bunch up at my toes. I've tried socks from Duluth Trading and they are also great, except they wont stay on my calf.

So I'm looking for suggestions for over the calf socks that won't bunch up at my toes and will actually stay up over my calf.

What ya got?

Here's my boots:

Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 7.42.56 PM.png
Throlos boot socks.

Wigwam seems to work well for me. Their fairly cheap and thicker than standard socks. I always get all white, all cotton. Anything else makes my boots smell something awful.
Darn tough Men's Merino Wool Westerner Over-the-Calf Light Cushion Socks. About twenty bucks a pair, but they have a lifetime warranty and they're antimicrobial so you can get a couple of days wear out of them. Never thought I'd spend that much on socks, but I work twelve hour shifts and as I'm getting older anything that makes my day more comfortable is worth it.
I can't recommend any sox's for you. The only boots I wear are lace up, so don't have a issue with sox slipping down.

As a alternative there are men's sock garters/suspenders. I've never worn them but I'll leave these here as a possible option.

Wigwam over the calf socks. I wear boots for work and having socks that fall down drive me crazy. These wigwams are awesome. The length also protects my calves from the tops of the boots rubbing my skin raw.

Darn Tough and SmartWool are the best. I wear wool socks year 'round, and those are the best I've encountered. They seem expensive at first glance, but I've got pairs that get worn once a week that are 3 years old and still look new. (Wash with regular clothes/ detergent, hang dry) You can get a variety of thicknesses, lengths, etc. I've got pairs that are thin dress-socks in a crew style, up to mid-calf heavy-weight for wearing under workboots in the winter. I won't buy anything else.
I'd also recommend Darn Tough. I've never had problems with the Westerners sliding off the calf or bunching at the toes and definitely appreciate the benefits of Merino wool.
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