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BONJOUR! From Cajun Country, LOUISIANA!

I am 43 and just got introduced to wet shaving with a saftey razor aka DE Razor. My uncle, "Old_School" has invested in my new journey. A GREAT SHAVE! I used an SLOC, along with Tabac soap applied with a Semogue boar brush. (All which he has given me.) It was AWESOME! He further encouraged the monster he has now created with giving me a badger brush and a Cerakote finished Gillette Triangle slot fat handle razor!!
We also ordered me genre of sample blades and new soaps to try. I am excited to be here and looking forward to reading the many threads and learning from the experienced! THANKS FOR HAVING ME!


Sàlute Preacher_Man from Cajun Country ('Louisiana: Pick Your Passion...Yeah Baby'!)!!



Welcome aboard the B & B (besides being enrolled in the fictional, sacred and utopian 'Order of Shavedom'), and please feel free to come up to the promenade / sun deck & 'sit-a-spell'.

All said, it sounds like you're off to a great start and on your way to shaving nirvana and The Zen of Shaving, yes (as you well know), this Forum has the knowledge, ideas and all around 'know-how' to assist in your Wet-Shaving experience. In a nut-shell...your 'gonna' love it here. :thumbsup:

Also, the Thread entitled Wet Shaving Instructions & Tutorials, maybe of great interest to you and is very informative to include B & B's Interactive ShaveWiki's (again, which I'm sure you've already read).

And please don't forget The 7 P's of Shaving...Prepare, Patience, Pressure, Practice, Persistence, Post shave and Passion.

Although, you may not be addicted yet (I think I'm holding up fairly well...with a few exceptions), because we all suffer (gladly and are doomed perhaps), from this shaving compulsion (and other Acquisition Disorders), because at times..."Resistance is futile".

Lastly, please don't forget once you get time....to tell us a little about yourself in the Hall-of-Fame sub-forum and the Calling all Louisiana MembersSubforum.

“Happiness is in the [shave] that sweeps away the [uncertainties] of your heart”. Mort Walker
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