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Bond No.9 Wall Street

This is some really nice smelling stuff. Very powerfull also. I was in Saks today trying to see if they had Trufitt and Hill there and the lady started telling me about this stuff. She said its a Parfume(sp?) and supposed to linger a while. SHe soaked me with the stuff ROFL and after 1 hr its still hanging on pretty good and I washed some off because it was about to give me a head ach.

Its very expensive but I think its worth a look if you are near a Saks Fifth Ave store.


Oh... I liked the Wall Street fragrance too. But for $190 I'd rather have the 3.16 shares of Wall Street: NYX
Yea its very expensive is the bad thing about it. She had this tiny bottle that was maybe 1oz for $40 :)
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