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Bond No. 9 New York - Colognes

Hello Gents,

I ordered a small sampler pack from them which contained the scents: Wall Street, Hamptons and Chez Bond, and I must say, they are excellent scents which seem to linger longer than any cologne I have ever tried (which has been way too many for my own good :001_tongu )

My question is: Have you guys tried any of the other scents? I have seen the reviews on Basenotes, but I figured I would ask here. I realize that they are EXTREMELY pricey, but if one finds a scent they like, they can be had on e-bay for under $100 a bottle. Cheers!
I liked Bleecker Street. I've been wanting to try the New Haarlam, Hot Always, and Chez Bond.

They're way too expensive for my tastes, however I once said that for Green Irish Tweed.
Chez Bond is a classic... But one of my all-time, go-to top-three scents is Bond NO. 9's RIVERSIDE DRIVE- It's perfectly balanced for hotter or cooler weather, and women ALWAYS ask me what I'm wearing...

(FYI for those curious, the other two are: Cartier Eau D'Cartier CONCENTRE and Cartier Must Por Homme ESSENCE- The concentre and essence are KEY because they make regular versions that are different and simply not as good.)
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