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Discussion in 'Double Edged Razors' started by Badgerstate36, Mar 24, 2018.

    I recently decided to pick up a Boker Open Comb razor when I was perusing their site. It looked like a good razor: open comb, all brass.
    I'd read some speculation about how it looks just like a FaTip and I believe it is because the box says, "made in Italy" on it.
    I had my first shave with it last night and it's a good shave but I found it to be very mild. I ended up having to go back and do a touch up pass with my PAA AE just to get a shave that I could be satisfied with.
    All in all its a good razor and it's cool that it's a Boker branded DE but it's a bit mild for me.
  1. @Badgerstate36 Hi, I may get one of these. Have you tried any of the newer Fatips (i.e MK2), if so how those the Boker compare?.I had thought the Boker was a Fatip head, but with fewer teeth in the comb.
  2. The Boker looks to be using the Schone head. Schone uses a nicer (IMO) handle and sells for $20-$25 in nickel over brass. Available from alrossa and amaxon.

    Manufacturer is Fatip in Italy.

    PS, I like Gillette yellows, Polsilver blades in my Schone.
  3. Thanks for the info!. I like the look of the handle on the Boker alright, better than a Fatip Grande.
    I might give it a try.
  4. I think the Boker uses the Grande handle; the Schone in nickel is different.
  5. It’s a Grande type handle yes I think but not an actual Grande handle. According to Boker the handle is solid brass plated in Nickel rather then hollow. I also think it may be a little longer in length.
  6. Hmm. Let's check with the OP.
  7. Is the handle hollow, sir?
  8. Hmmn looking at a previous post on B&B maybe it is hollow...
  9. I Emailed Boker in Germany asking if the handle was solid brass or hollow and they have replied as follows:

    The grip, tooth comb and razor head are made of solid brass.

    Also this is their description on the website: The grip and tooth comb are made of solid brass and are crafted from a solid billet. The razor head is also made from solid brass.
  10. Hi.

    I usually shave using a Fatip Piccolo (OC), usually with a Feather or Yellow. But I just started using Polsilver in a different razor. Would you care to characterize the differences you note between Yellow and Polsilver, in your Schone?

  11. Fozzie, the material is solid brass; the handle may be hollow, tho. Maybe Badger state can tell us.

    CC, the yellows are smoother, while Polsilver last longer, IMO.
  12. I believe it is hollow because its not all that heavy. If it were solid brass, it would have bit more heft to it.
  13. Yea I think you are right, thanks for confirming!

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