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Bois de Cedrat


I was wondering if anyone had smelled Creed's Bois de Cedrat before? I've only smelled about 6 or 7 of the Creeds, and I haven't been startlingly impressed with any of them. I enjoyed Bois du Portugal and Baie de Genievre, but not enough to buy either. (Which makes me feel out-of-the-loop since they seem so popular...)

I keep reading about Bois de Cedrat and it sounds like it might be one I enjoy. I've ordered a decant. I was wanting to know if someone had tried it and could tell me what they thought?

Bois de Cedrat is one of Creed's lighter scents and doesn't have the typical Creed ambergris dry-down.

Bois de Cedrat starts out with a blast of fresh clean citrus then slowly dries to a mellow powdery combination of citrus and cedar. There is absolutely no "hamster cage" cedar smell with this scent. The cedar is subtle.

I think it's a great warm weather scent, although it tends to fade fairly quickly.
Thanks for the description! That sounds exactly like what I am looking for! All the stuff I've seen on basenotes seems to indicate that it is a bit "chillier" or "austere" and doesn't have the opulent drydown. Every Creed I've smelled so far just has an element of sweet muskiness to it that doesn't sit well with me after a few hours. Penhaligon's Endymion (while I do enjoy it) even gets to be too cloying after a few hours for me, and I find myself feeling claustrophobic and uncomfortable. That one is only for special occasions, I can't handle it on any regular basis.

Thanks for the description of it in relation to other Creeds, the intensity, and the drydown. That helps immensely. I hope I like it.
I got a decant of Bois de Cedrat (along with a couple more Creeds that I haven't tried yet). I honestly could not put it down. I love, love it. It does fade in a couple hours for me to being almost imperceptible. But those couple of hours... oh man. Quite lovely.

I shuddered at the price, but it truly is wonderful. I had to spring for a bottle of both. I also got a decant of Neroli Sauvage and I enjoyed it too. I also tried Silver Mountain Water, which I did enjoy despite its sweetness, but wasn't blown away by (which has been my reaction to most Creeds thus far, and Green Irish Tweed smells repulsive to me).

I could see parallels between Bois de Cedrat/Blenheim Bouquet (simple, chilly, austere citrus/wood combo) and Neroli Sauvage/Duoro (clean, citrusy barbershop aroma) almost. But I honestly prefer the Creeds by far to the Penhaligon's in this unique case.
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