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Discussion in 'Skin, Body & Hair Care' started by August West, Aug 30, 2014.

  1. August West

    August West Moderator Emeritus

    Why not? There is one for everything else.

    As one of our members astutely pointed out many of us don't rotate daily, so feel free to post your body soap of the week/month etc.

    QCS Cordovan
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  2. Toothpick

    Toothpick Moderator

    I used Art of Shaving Lemon this morning.
  3. Chief's Energizing Man Soap
  4. Not something I usually switch up daily, but what the heck. QCS Briar.
  5. August West

    August West Moderator Emeritus

    Great point. Well, I suppose it will strike up some interest and participation for members to share this important part of the grooming ritual. Thanks for posting David, come back when you switch it up. :laugh:
  6. Just so I could post here again, today I used the sliver of what's left of the orange soap that Amanda at Tiki Bar made for me.
  7. August West

    August West Moderator Emeritus

    Thanks for keeping it going David.

    MWF today.
  8. Nothing fancy here. Old spice Denali (angry bear). It's a nice clean scent. I have been using it about 3 years and it does not clash with any other products I use.
  9. C.O. Bigelow Mentha Exfoliating Bar Soap. Bath & Body has it and it's great.
  10. Great stuff in any scent; The gel makes it so easy to use without waste.
  11. Lepi de Provence cedar and sandalwood soap. love this stuff! I have another bar of LdP In the wings waiting called ForĂȘt Noire that smells amazing!
  12. August West

    August West Moderator Emeritus

    I am really liking this thread. Thanks guys.
  13. Same as everyday, Out of Africa African Black Soap with Shea
  14. August West

    August West Moderator Emeritus

    Is it CVS or Walgreens that carries this?
  15. I get it online at
  16. August West

    August West Moderator Emeritus

    Cool. I thought I had seen it at a brick and mortar.
  17. Stirling's bay rum bar soap. I really like this scent and my bathroom smells like bay rum after a shower.
  18. Valobra Balsamo
  19. Finished up a puck of The Men's Soap Shop Bergamot Body Soap. Great stuff. Definitely in my Top 5. Lovely mellow bergamot scent.

  20. How was it to your skin?

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