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Body Shop Synthetic Discussion Thread

Got this brush today and was just wondering something. Mine has a stamp with FCS 100% like in the picture. Is that the same as your brush or have they updated again? BTW is says ©2007 on the piece of paper that came with it. Haven't tested it yet, but if it works anything like you described it, it should make a nice travel brush.
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Looks to be the same brush - I just got mine a few months ago.

Its got nice soft tips, but is really stiff as heck, and works well with a heavy hand when building the lather and just using the tips to apply it.

Its too stiff for face lathering unless you want to give yourself the same effect as a chemical peel!
I noticed the stiffness, kind of odd... Did a test run with Bodyshop shave cream and IMO the lather came along very nicely. I'll test it for real the coming week. I guess if face lathering is out of the question I should try and find myself a small bowl to lather in. Maybe something that will hold all of the shaving stuff during travel :wink:.
Mine only has the Body Shop logo on it, but the hairs look the same, so I'm guessing it's the same brush.
Was just wondering about the stamp, because there were 2 brushes in the store, one with the FSC stamp and one without. Anyway I tried the brush with Bodyshop cream today and got very nice lather, which whipped up pretty fast. It'll do fine as a travel brush, but for me it's too stiff to become a replacement for either of my badger brushes.
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