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FS Bob’s Razor Works (less common design) and Ikon handles, Durham Duplex set

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Two razor handles and a Durham Duplex that I bought in order to use the handle. All in excellent condition. The Bob’s Razor Works (Cooncat Bob) handle weighs in at ~73g, 80 x 12 mm (larger diameter at the base). The base had a magnet to pick up blades. Immaculate nickel plated brass. No dings or scratches. This style does not turn up often. Older design Ikon bulldog, stainless steel, 70g, 78 x 13 mm. The Duplex complete and is in original celluloid case.

My goal is to clear some room in my cabinet so the BRW and Ikon are sold together, $135. The Duplex is $17 alone or $5 if purchased with the two handles. All prices PayPal G&S, CONUS. I am open to shipping outside the US but the shipping cost will increase somewhat. Please PM with any questions.


Love the Cooncat Bob handle, but not in the market for any more handles right now, let alone two of them!

Somebody is going to love this deal, though.
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