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Loved playing Clue, Monopoly, and others as a child. Parents gave me Avalon Hill's Gettysburg when I was in the 5th grade which led me to getting into Kingmaker, Wooden Ships & Iron Men, Fuedel and Starship Troopers. I played A LOT of D & D, Boot Hill, Gamma World, Champions, Car Wars, Morrow Project, and a little Top Secret in junior high and high school. When I was in college some learned more about Rail Baron, Status Pro Football & Baseball, Paydirt, and the airplane version of Rail Baron I think is called Air Baron. As they came out we got into Talisman, which I got plus all the expansion sets but one, Chainsaw Warrior, and my personal favorite Blood Bowl.
One year we took a train to Chicago to watch the home opener for the Cubs. We played Rail Baron all the way there and back on the train. While I was travelling Europe one summer for work my mom decided to have a garage sale and sold most of my Avlon Hill games. After I got home she informed me that she had sold the games as a bundle for the grand total of $20. I showed her what they could have went for on eBay and the look on her face was priceless.
After I got married I decided to sell what I could on eBay to help with the down payment on a house. Imagine my surprise when my Talisman game and all the expansion sets I had sold for almost $1000 to some guy in France.
The family and I sat down with Wingspan over the weekend. Due to time, we only played 2 of 4 rounds. Used the "quick start" sheets to get going. Everyone seems to be enjoying it, but I will admit it's a little tougher for the kids to pick up than I anticipated. Looking forward to everyone getting more used to it though. Early reviews are they're having a blast!
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