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Board Game Suggestions

I recently got a couple of guys together to play some board games. We are going to try to meet up every couple of weeks pending spousal approval. I'm looking for board game suggestions as I'm kind of new to them. We played a game called Dixit, which everyone loved. We also played King of Tokyo which was fun too. I'm looking to pick up a couple of games that would be fun to play. So far I have the following games:

Munchkin (Legends and Apocalypse) - I love this game; especially for being at the mercy of fellow game players.
Pandemic - Great game, but is best when there are exactly four players.
Ticket to Ride - I only have the tablet version of this game, but it's a good one.
Forbidden Island - Fun game, but I don't know about replayability.
I also have a bunch of the classics (Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit, etc)

I'm thinking about picking up Dead of Winter and/or Sheriff of Nottingham. I would appreciate any suggestions for new games.
Mission: Red Planet, Settlers of Catarn, Tsuro, Arkham Horror or Eldritch Horror, & Betrayal at House on the Hill are all fun. Twilight Imperium is loooooooooong, but great if everyone has a day to set aside.
One of my favorite games of all time with incredible replay value and expansion packs if you want to add more to the game over time is Carcassone.
I know a few people that have Catan and Carcassonne. Maybe I can try one or both of them out to see how they play. I've heard good things about both.
For a quick fun game try Zombie Dice. While not a board game, I like to play it between board games. I have the Star Trek Catan and like it.
Most fun game I play with my family right now is Carcassonne. Easy rules. I kinda like co-operative games and my favorites are Defenders of the Realm, Pandemic and Dead of Winter. We also really enjoy Legendary Marvel Deck Building game. Lots of people feel that the Legendary Encounters Alien Deck Building Game is better but I have not tried it yet. Catan is ok but not one of my favorites. Eldritch Horror is a great game but it is pretty 'fiddly' (I hear Arkam Horror is MUCH worse that way) so I would get a few simpler games under your belt first. I'm thinking of getting Flash Point Fire Rescue next which might work great for your group.
If you enjoy a little silliness, Pick up Quelf. It's fun, particularly because it will force you to do some pretty silly things. There are 4 or 5 different types of card. Some are rules, some are round robin topical, some are charades, some are silly. Some examples of the silly stuff would be:

-Go to the bathroom and turn your shirt inside out. If nobody notices within 3 turns, you get to move ahead a few extra spaces. I did this with a Polo and nobody noticed.
-Go to the bathroom, splash water on your face, and come out singing a made up sea shanty. That was fun...
-Write a limerick about a certain topic - Good practice for some of the PIFs I've seen recently


We used to play marathon games of Risk until dawn. I can also remember playing a board game called Masterpiece where you purchased great paintings. I love reading all the suggestions above because I've been out of the board game habit for a while.
Get Card's Against Humanity or Zombie Fluxx. Both are card games that are a lot of fun and easier to play than Munchkin.
The folks at Hasbro have added a new 'twist' to their 'Classic' Monopoly game. Drum roll, please.

[FONT=&amp]NewsSy - Leah Becerra | February 17, 2016
"Bye bye, paper money. Hello, ATM-like banker (but, 'Go to Jail" is still there]".

Paper money — that's what Hasbro has stripped from the latest edition of its classic Monopoly board game.

The banker has also been replaced with this small ATM-like contraption. In place of the Monopoly currency, players will use debit cards to make purchases and pay fees.
Sure, removing the paper money may mean you'll lose fewer parts, ('Go to Jail" is still there
), but what about the whole money-
managing lesson

Read More: http://www.newsy.com/videos/new-monopoly-game-will-drive-players-straight-to-bankruptcy/

[FONT=&amp]"[Monopoly] is game which requires both luck and skill. Luck keeps the game interesting, but skillful play will always be rewarded". Paul Magriel[/FONT]
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