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Boar vs. Horse

I have both but am interested in other members' thoughts. Do you have an overall preference and under what, if any, circumstances do you use one over the other.

Ad Astra

The Instigator
Recent horse convert (Vie-Long Cachurro). It's a great do-it-all brush: softer than boar, more soul than synthetic.

Think it lends itself to creams and softer soaps, but time will tell. Some of the hard soaps need a cheap boar to stir em up!

I have both and have not used my boar in 6 months ,I have The 4 Horse Men.. a Zenith a Vie-Long and 2 Ever-Ready Re-Knots
I love The Zenith and The Vie-Long is not far behind .I like the description That Ad Astra had Soft with soul:thumbup: $IMG_4310.jpg $IMG_5395.jpg
I find the my horse (VL 12750) does well with certain soaps. While I haven't discovered what all of them are, I can say from experience that it's the only brush I have that can lather my Erasmic stick. It's a versatile brush that if handled properly can work well with both soaps and creams, however, it does not seem to build and hold as much lather as my go to boar (currently an SOC cherry). This could have something to do with a pre-shave oil experiment that I embarked upon a while back, but I'm not sure.



Have one of these on the way. Looking forward to giving it a go. Actually bought it because I truly like barber style handles.
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