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Boar knots (sans stripes)

I'm starting to get into brushes, specifically restored handles coupled with a fresh knot.
Can anyone recommend an establishment that offers quality boar knots? To be specific, I'm looking for a boar knot without the faux badger stripe.
I'm currently only aware of TGN and Whipped Dog as knot suppliers. TGN does have a huge 27mm non-striped boar and spanked pooch only has the faux stripes. So, TGN's is a bit too big and, well, the pooch has those stripes.
Any pointers from the boar non-striped knot gurus out there would be much appreciated.
Just buy an Omega brush with the cheaper plastic handles and remove the knot. The knots are fairly easy to remove from the handle.
Yes, that is what I am thinking I may have to do.
Ideally I would like to get a quality knot, a la Semogue Owner's Club, but that is such a nice looking brush (and not exactly cheap) to begin with I would hate to destroy it. I'll have to look at all of the specs on the Semogue line and see if it looks like a cheaper Semogue has the same knot as a SOC.
I guess I could look into the Omega boars too.
I had a $12 omega brush and the handle cracked only a few months later. The knot came out easily and I happened to have an ever ready handle I was going to re-knot. The omega knot had the plastic ring around it so I had to cut that off. Without the ring it was a perfect fit. I guess it was either beginners luck or just dumb luck.
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