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Boar Bristle vs Horse Hair Brush Question?

jankdc, I wasn't aware of the new Epsilon offerings, if I was I would have purchased one, the 26mm knot is larger than the knot offerings of the standard V-L line-up of Horses.
Good point, that's another reason I'd like to have one. I think both of mine are only 22mm.
Looking at the photo, it's possibly denser knot with a relatively short 50mm loft, ~1.9 loft/knot ratio, and the lack of bloom at the tips, makes it look to be a very scrubby & stiff brush that would need patience and time to soften. The Epsilons were surely designed for those who like face lathering & plenty of scrub, the White Horse in Fan would have been a better choice due to a softer feel out of the box.
They also had a fan shaped brown that was probably perfect (splays easier) as I'd think the bulb would be too stiff. That one sold out almost immediately. I had my eye on the white fan (my second choice), but took too long to decide so that one disappeared also.
I have both horse hair and boar bristle.

For my liking the boar is too stiff and the horse hair too limp - and odouriferous. (It stinks)

I have Finest badger and silver tip. Both are nice.

All the above are in my weekly rotation which is about to come to a halt in favour of Silky Smooooth Synthetic.
Thank you very much Mickey, much appreciated! I have badgers in my rotation as well. I've heard very good reports on synthetics. In fact my very latest brush acquisition is a Muhle 33K257 Silvertip Fibre Synthetic. I have done one test lather with it (excellent results), and I will be shaving with it for the first time tomorrow. :thumbup1:
I used my Muhle 33K257 Silvertip Fibre Synthetic the other day. At the very first application of brush to skin I knew immediately what you mean by "Silky Smooooth".
It's different than any brush I've tried so far and I absolutely love it. I'm looking forward to having it in my regular brush rotation. :001_smile