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Bluebeard's Revenge back as Dreadnought Shaving

I have been using Dreadnought shave cream for a couple of months. Excellent stuff. It's a little gooey, but a little makes a lot of thick, rich lather and provides a slick, close, irritation-free shave.
I had a small sample of the blue beards cream about a year ago and it seemed pretty good, I thought the scent was nice, light aquatic type. It was not a strong scent by any means.
From their web page - emphasis added -

Dreadnought not only contains the finest ingredients you would normally find in a premium shaving cream but also features a miracle ingredient called Decelerine – a scientifically proven marvel that within a few months use actually reduces the appearance of hair which in turn makes your shave closer and more comfortable.

Does this stuff make your face go bald???
I had a jar a year ago. Thought it was pretty average and I pif'd it. To me it's not worth trying given all of the other great products available. But ymmv of course!
I am hoping that the dreadnought products work for me. My friend that introduced me to DE shaving loves the cream so for my wedding anniversary I asked for the cream. My wife bought a combo for me with pre shave oil, cream, and aftershave balm. It's going to be a big difference from the colonel conk almond soap. But I guess just trying a little bit of everything is a lot of the fun.
Shaved with it for the first time today and it worked great. Really slick and a good cushion. No nicks or irritation. I really enjoyed the shave but the scent is a little bit more than I wanted. I'm really skeptical of the "anti-rogaine" affect they lay claim to. Won't be my everyday shave cream, but the wife likes it. For me I still like conk almond.
I gave the Bluebeard's revenge a go today after receiving a 20ml sample pot. I'm not sure if it was a bit old but it was pretty much unscented. As for performance, I found it to be excellent. I won't buy a full tub as I prefer a nice scent when I'm shaving but I will finish the sample pot without any qualms.
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