"Blue Willy" "Green Willy" - how and why?

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    I've been seeing referenced to "Blue Willy" and "Green Willy", which appears to be a mixture of Williams Mug soap and blue or green Aqua Velva.
    First of all, why would one do this?
    Second, what recipes/processes are there, and how do you know when you've got it right?

    Once you do have it, how do you use it? Does it come out like a soap or a cream?

    In the meantime I'll be listening to these guys, off-topic by only two letters:
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  2. I'll be starting a Make your own _____ Willy thread and 3017 in January and I've got all the history of Blue Willy included for that, but the above thread should tell you most of what you are looking for.

    Basically Aqua Velva and Williams just go hand in hand as they are both Williams products. The AV adds a nice scent to the Williams, making an all new scent experience for your shave, and the additional glycerin from the AV also helps in lathering, since some folks have a hard time lathering modern Williams.
  3. When my Grandfather was alive, he used to make Blue Willy's quite often in the hot summer months. He just simply placed a few drops of Aqua Velva on top of a puck of Williams to sit while he bathed. Then he lathered up and shaved.
  4. And that's how the idea started on B&B as well. Glad to know that idea has been around much longer!
  5. Yup/ Thanks.

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