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Blue Steel Razor Co.


You may have noticed me at this forum for some time now, but never in the straight forums.

A straight newbie!
I did buy a Blue Steel Razor Co. straight some time ago, on an impulse.

Some advice would be great!

Is it any good?
Can I shave with it?

Any things I should do or not do before shaving?

I sharpened it on my Nani's 1000 and 5000 already.
But I think the razor could be better, sharper.

Any suggestions?


"To Wiki or Not To Wiki, That's The Question".
Good to see that you are giving straights a go Wim!

You will need something finer than 5K yes. I would recommend sending it to a honer first so you know how sharp it should be (as a reference).

+1 on pictures.
It is getting sharper already after some instructions about honing from the local barber, I even cut my finger already.
Still, I want it even sharper :thumbup1:

You both indicate some stone finer than a #5000...
Amazing. Let's see how that works, I have been honing that gyotu (by Mr Watanabe) shown in the pic very sharp so I am curious to learn how this blade sharpening works!

The next Naniwa Chosera would be the 10.000?

That is expensive :001_huh:

So over to the razor.
By popular demand, here are some pics.

The blade says:

" Blue (P&H) Steel "


"Blue Steel Razor Co. NEW - YORK "

and also on that side says "Germany"

I cannot find much in the Google searches I did.
I did find some references to Blue Steel as a German type of steel, but nothing on the make or brand.

Any information about this razor?
What size is it? How old? That type of questions.

Obviously, this need cleaning and some sort of polishing. I want it shiny!
I still have to find a good thread with hints and tips, a lot use stuff that is not available in The Netherlands it seems.
I have the nirwana combo, which are cheaper than if bought seperatly, but i still find to get a real sharp edge i have to move onto my c12k as well, though i am new to honing and probably still making loads of mistakes, i also have the dragons tongue on order, which will fit in somewhere, i have also noted that a few on here are working with the 5000/8000 stones from the e bayer in poland, they are nicely priced, i am happy with my 12k from him!
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"To Wiki or Not To Wiki, That's The Question".
Nice straight Wim! It will need to be cleaned-up before you hone it but it should be quite nice.

It looks like a full hollow, square point but the size you will need to measure it. It looks like a 5/8 but I can be mistaken.
Cleaning up is hard!
The usual soaps and Protall do not work.

Sandpaper, I presume?

Or a buffer...

You can also do what I do and just not clean it up... if you've already polished the daylights out of it, it's not going to rust or anything... at least not immediately. It will just have character :thumbup:.
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