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Blonde Ox and Worked Winner

Here's todays creation. I took a Winner blade and worked the heck out of it. I flattened and swooped the spine and added some filing. After that I worked the top and bottom of the tang, heel and thinned out the monkey tail. Then lastly I gave it a nose job and turned it into a Spanish tip.
I wrapped it in a set of Blonde Ox (Translucent) backed with Stainless Steel and finished with a Black Buffalo horn wedge and a couple micro fasteners.




That looks amazing and puts me for a loss of words. The scales are a beauty and the cuts are very eye pleasing to the various parts of the blade.
I love the looks of this one, just really sexy. I am curious though, how is it for stropping with the tang being smaller like that? (I am used to something like a W&B)
wow I really like the plain yet distictive file work, you ever worked with knives?
have you any pics of the razor before it went in to 'surgery' ??
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