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Blending your own beard oil


Munted Old Cog
Moderator Emeritus
Who does it? What's your favourite mix?

I blended some of these together today.
Approx. blend was 30% Argan oil, 35% jojoba oil (finished bottle or would have been equal amounts), 15% kukui oil, 15% almond oil, 5% vitamin e oil.
These are real rough mixes, as I just used a tablespoons to measure it out.


I enjoy playing around with a few scents. What would you pick from what I have below or any recommendations to add to my selection. I'm eyeing up some black pepper essential oil and maybe some myrrh.

Today I mixed these up.
One Sandalwood - Frankincense.
The other Cedarwood Atlas - Orange - ylang Ylang.



Rusty Blade

Back in the days when I routinely grew a winter beard I had to use some kind of beard oil. My grey hair was very dry and coarse. I blended my own beard oil. I don't remember the proportions but in general it contained: grape seed oil, jojoba oil, almond oil and either lavender or frankincense essential oils for fragrance.