Blades you won’t ever use

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    I would even be hesitant to use Derbys to scrape dried paint off my windows.
  1. I popped a Kai (only have two packs) into my Merkur Futur the other day and had a surprisingly good shave.

    I have some packs of Merkurs. I liked them initially when I started DE shaving, but their price point is ridiculously high for what you get.
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    Gillette Goal Stainless (made in India, probably the worst blade I've ever tried), Dorco, Derby, Shark SC, any Chinese blade, Astra SP (not a bad blade, but 2 shaves is all I can get from a single blade, 3-rd shave for me is impossible to achieve). Thank God I have only a few of each of them left.
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  3. Personally I will use any blade at least 1 or 2 even if the shave is not perfect.

    If someone isn't willing to use a Sputnik, Rapira, please do not throw but sent them to me for a trade.
  4. I give my Derby and Dorco blades to my friend, Rich H.
  5. I have blades sitting in drawer, will I ever use them maybe, maybe not anymore. I'm keeping them because you never know when you want to go back to those blades to experiment.
  6. I give them to my son or my nephew in case they work better for them.
  7. I have PIF'd all Feather, Kai, GSB, everything else Gillette, Personna, Astra, and maybe a couple others that I got rid of over a year ago... I get my best shaves from a Shark Super Chrome with the Super Stainless next but do also get decent shaves from Polsilver SI's...
  8. Only have two that I have tried and did not like;

    1. Derby Extra
    2. Dorco ST301

    I'll shave with a Dorco ST301 before shaving with a Derby Extra. I'll shave with a Derby Extra before using a cartridge. Take those last two sentences for what they are worth.

    What is odd is I love the Derby Premium and the Dorco Prime (STP301). It hurts my head that some of the best blades came from companies that make some of the worst blades. I'm pretty sure there are some off-brand Chinese cheapies that are even worse than what I listed, but I have yet to find or use them.
  9. You have just posted the most honest thing ever written on B&B. Congratulations!!!!
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  11. I give them to my wife to use in her bread scoring knife.
  12. Excellent idea!
  13. Those derby extras are terrible in my opinion. But I guess someone is buying them, they’re still making them.
  14. Yeah I echo the same consensus on Derby’s.
    Crummy blades. Too dull.
  15. BIC Sensitive. Luckily, I only got a few in a sampler. These do not work for me at all.
  16. I actually got the idea when she bought the knife and it came with a couple Derby blades. I joked that Derbys were probably sharp enough to cut bread with. She didnt get the joke...
  17. Soooo many damn acronyms and initialisms on B&B! For the life of me, I just cannot figure out what PIF is (Product Included Free?). A little help. Please and thank you.
  18. Lol. Pass it Forward.
  19. Or Pay It Forward. It is a free offering, normally with no shipping charges. A razor someone outgrew, a starter set for new shavers, a blade sampler, etc.

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