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Blades similar to Astra SP?

I find any of the Russian PPI blades that I have tried (Gillette Green, Yellow, GSB, Astra SS, and Nacet SS) feel similar to Astra SP for me - they all work well. That said, I found that GSBs last a bit longer than Astra SPs before getting dull, and I also found that my Nacet SS blades seem to rust after 2 shaves - maybe I received a bad batch of the Nacets.
Wilkinson Sword from Germany is my go to right now, Parker Platinums are good too. Gillette Platinums are up on my list.
Just "corked" a Vokshod, which was not bad, for my shave today.
I mainly use Astra SP or Gillette 7 o'clock yellow blades in my more agressive razors. I can't decide which I prefer, so I recently bought 50 of each. If I had to pick one I'd probably say the Astra, just because they're so cheap. There's little to choose between them otherwise.

The 7 o'clock black are at least as good as the yellows, but I don't feel they're worth the additional cost (as the yellows are so good).

My mild razors seem to work better with sharper blades, like Feather or BIC.
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