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Blades Cracking in a Slim Adjustable

Greetings everyone,

Blades are cracking and splitting in my Gillette Slim. Cracks are forming just where the blade would crack and split if you were going to use it as a single edge. I have the Slim set on 3. I'm only adjusting the razor with the doors open.

I don't use my Slim Adjustable all that much, but I'm thinking maybe it's a blade problem.

I searched the forums, but I didn't see anyone else having this problem.

The blades I am using are the Derby Extra (vertical).

Anyone have blades crack/split in a Slim or any other razor?

I don't use my Slim Adjustable all that much, but I'm thinking maybe it's a blade problem.

Have you tried them in other razors? I've never had a blade crack in any of my razors. Unless your slim has some glaringly obvious mechanical fault I'd say it's the blades. If you got them in quantity I'd think about contacting the vendor about a return.
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I have tried other blades in my Slim with no problems. From inspection, my Slim looks to be in good working order. Everything looks fine, inside and out.

I don't think I have tried these new Derby's, sometimes known as verticals, due to the different orientation of the writing on the package, in any other razor, though.

I've had three of these Derby's develop cracks. I'm starting to think I got part of a bad batch of blades.
Could it be that your Slim is overclocked? Maybe it's at 13 when you think it is 3.
Try one in a different razor, and that should help to identify the source, the blade or the razor.
I have tried lords and red IP in the slim without any blades cracking. I guess I can try one of the Derby's in a super adjustable, I have. I'll report back after I've tried it a couple of days to see if they crack in the SA.
I use Derby verticals in my SSs and slim and super adjustables, as well as my EJ and haven't had problems yet.
yes...I have used many derbys...looks like a fluke in the metal...don't give up on derbys,they have a good reputation,I have had wilkinsons and a 7 oclock refuse to cut on the first shave...just didn't get handled correctly in the finishing machine
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