Blade Wars: Kai vs. Gillette Silver Blue

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    Blade Wars: Kai vs. Gillette Silver Blue

    This blade war features Kai from Japan and Gillette Silver Blue from Russia. Amazon sells 50 Kai blades, which are made with surgical-grade stainless steel, for $23. GSB’s cost half that on the same site. I’ve never tried Kai before, but it has the reputation of being smooth and extremely sharp. GSBs are one of my favorite blades. I find them to be sharp and very smooth.
    My razors for this blade war will be two Wet Shave Club chrome razors. I’ve colored the cap of one razor with a black laundry marker so I can tell them apart, but won’t know which blade is in which razor. I’ll shave half of my face with each razor and switch sides with subsequent shaves.

    As we go, I’ll share what I experience and invite you to comment. I’d love to hear your thoughts. Do you think Kai razor blades will prove that they are worth the money? Do GSBs merit all the praise they get on this forum? Let’s put it to the test!
  1. I'm on day 14 with a Kai, and it still seems strong. That's pretty good longevity, and somewhat ameliorates the cost. The extra width and stiffness really shines for me in vintage Gillettes. On the GSB, that's the blade I reach for when testing a new razor. Pretty much garaunteed not to bite.
  2. GlazedBoker

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    A battle of two DE S/S Titans..... This will be real good. I love the Kai blade. Great shaves and great longevity for me. GSB's? As smooth and cool as the other side of the pillow.....



  3. Kai's are my favourite blades but the Gillette Silver Blue is no slouch it's one of the smoothest blades out there, but i prefer the Gillette Rubie Platinum Plus to them.

    Blades are very subjective for each user, Different blades will work better in different razors & the amount of growth also plays a part, if i have little growth i will go with; for example the GSB or Rubie but if my beard growth is longer it gets thicker coarser & very wiry so i get a more comfortable shave with the kai blade, are skin type, beard type, beard growth time & the razors we use are all different, so the results are never the same for each person that's why we all tend to like different blades (& like different blades in different razors) which is great because we have many options but it still will be great to see your thoughts, will follow this thread.

    Happy shaving.
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  4. Great battle ahead....
  5. Tommy Tutone

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    Subscribed. I'll take GSB over Kai in the 6th TKO..:a11:
  6. I will go with the Russian blade. Gillette PPI blades have taken down the Japanese Feather twice. I believe the Gillette Russian machine will continue to roll and take out the Kai.
  7. Tokyospike

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    I always back the blade masters of Seki, Japan, who have been making the sharpest edges in the world for centuries. No one wants to commit ritual suicide with a dull blade.
  8. I concur; it's no contest. Most other blades are okay, but Kai and Feather are superior.
  9. Shave 1
    black razor=right side of my face, silver razor=left side of my face

    I wanted to start these blades off with a good test, so I got a haircut, took a long shower, and lathered up with some Tabac.

    Pass 1 - Black: I felt a sharp-feeling "new blade" prickle. Silver didn't feel quite as sharp, but glided along a little more smoothly.

    Pass 2 - Black: Wow! That's what I'm talking about! Utterly smooth, no resistance whatsoever.
    Silver: Great pass. Smooth, very slight resistance on my chin and neck.

    Pass 3 (ATG): Black: slight resistance on neck - no resistance at all for the rest of my face.
    Silver: Significantly more resistance than black on my neck - could feel slight resistance throughout the rest of the shave.

    The leader after one shave is BLACK.

    Followed with some Florida Water and Olay moisturizer. One great shave in the books.
  10. Cal

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    It sounds to me like the Kai's in the black razor (a pure guess of course). Another war I'll be watching with great interest, thank you CW. :thumbup1:
  11. GlazedBoker

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    Black rules the Day!!!!

    Still early and I think I know where the Soul of the Samurai is but, From Russia with Love is a Smooth operator. I think Longevity is where these two will put each other to the test.....
  12. That's what I was thinking at first, too, but then I thought that the silver razor could have the Kai because the extra blade width with the razor could cause more drag compared to the GSB with less blade width. I don't know, either, but we'll watch with interest. :001_smile
  13. I agree Black sounds like the Kai! I am curious on this one.
  14. both blades are great ... Kai are just too darn expensive ....Gillette wins on price !!!
  15. Yep. When the GSB is done, the Kai is just getting warmed up.
  16. Gillette only wins on price. The Kai is still a superior blade.
  17. Still several rounds to go.
  18. I'm staying away from the Kai. I'm afraid I'll like it better. GSB for me.

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