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Blade testing

I recently got several blades from the Great Blade Exchange to try out. I was planning on going through them, one blade at a time for 3 shaves (my standard life expectancy of a blade), but wondered if there were potentially better ways to test blades. I was thinking about doing until each blade gets hard to shave with, which would accurately show me life span of these blades if some are better or worse, but if I am halfway through a shave and just have too much trouble on the ATG, I feel like it would be unfair for the next blade to start on the ATG. Also, doing 1 shave for each blade at a time and doing 3 or so rotations through be another possibility. Suggestions?
You could keep a cartridge handy to tidy-up ATG if it gets uncomfortable or use the same blade type (if you have another) if you don't like it anyway.

Would stick with one blade until it's finished as you may find it hard to keep track of how each felt. There is also the problem of nicks/irritation that won't be clear if it's from the previous blade or the current new one.
I think your method depends on your goal. Are you trying to determine the maximum number of shaves you get per blade? Or are you trying to see what blade works great for you? You probably won't be able to get *all* the data you want from 1 set of tests.

Humbly, I recommend the following:
Pick a blade and shave. Score each shave 1-10 on overall, sharpness, smoothness and total. Subtact a point per cut or -.25 (or something) per weeper.

Use each blade until you think you've pushed the blade near the end of it's life (or you could keep pushing until it fails and replace mid-shave if needed with a trusty, known blade.)

At the end of your testing cycle, you'll have some data like:
brand a, shave 1: 8,8,9 - 1
brand a, shave 2: 9,9,8...
brand b, shave 1: 8,8,8... etc

Looking at your data, you should be able to discern how the blades performed for you. I have done a number of blade tests (blind and otherwise) and the main thing I prove is that (for me) most blades are really good, a couple are great, and a few don't work for me.

Have fun with it!
Okay, thanks! I think keeping a record of sorts is a really good idea, will help make sure I don't use subconscious wishes/expectations as much accidentally
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