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Blade Rust

I have been experimenting with some various Gillette razor blades in my Merkur. I have noticed that, right out of the package and after only one use, some of the blades show some rust when I go to clean the razor (or what I assume is rust, it looks like small spots and areas of brown).

I have tried the Gillette yellow Sharp Edges, the blue Super Platinums and the green Super Stainless. The blues have shown the most rust, the green the second most, and the yellows showed no rust after the first use. What could be the cause of this? I like to soak my razor in hot water before I use it to warm it up.

So far I have found that I like the greens the best, they seem to provide the smoothest shave with the least irritation. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
I've noticed this as well. I don't think its rust, its just some oxidation of some sort. I've never found it to impact the blade at all.
Gotta bump this thread (glad i searched for it before making a new one).

For me it's the Gillette yellow sharpedges, and the blue super platinums. Just like TS said, they have some spots on them. After first use, and sometimes right out of the box.

I go ahead and throw them away (just to air on the side of caution)
Never used these blades but I watched a youtube video of someone putting olive oil on their blade right after shaving in an effort to keep the blade sharp longer. Maybe worth giving this a try?
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