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Blade REview from the newb BIC

Wilkinson, did not work to well on me

Tried perma sharp, was a delight.Sharp yet very forgiving

Then i read good things about the BIC Chrome Platinum blades
got 2 pretty bad long cuts on my face... really harsh and violent on my skin.

WE,ll see on my second shave i will go much lighter on the razor
BIC does alright by me. Although I can only get a couple shaves out of them before I am pushing it. They are inexpensive though.
I get 4x 3 pass shaves out of them & in the DE89 can't tell the difference between the Bics & a Feather, so obviously a big thumbs up from me.
I really like the Bic's. I picked them out of my sample pack when I started. I then bought 100 of them and shaved with nothing else for almost 2 years. One razor, one blade. Changed blades every Monday.
Had my first shave with a Bic tonight, did get a very close shave at all. It wasn't harsh and it didn't tug, but I'm just not as close as I'm use to. To early to come to a verdict yet need to go through a couple more blades and shave and razors to tell.
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