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blade mileage

I have a medium-hard beard and I always get a week (5-6) shaves out of a G-Yellow (compared to three from a Derby or Red Personna).
Growing steel wool here. 2 shaves per blade then it starts to pull too much. But I don't get more than 2 shaves with any blade.
The 7o'clock yellows I've shaved with were retired after five shaves, without trying to find out how far they could be stretched.

I've taken a close relative of the 7o'clock yellow, the Super Iridium, to seven shaves, but I have trouble avoiding nicks with both of these blades, even when I'm careful.

Longevity champ for me is the Shark, with eight shaves, smooth, with no weepers or nicks.

My favorite blade, the Treet Classic carbon, maxes out at five shaves. I've tried twice to stretch one to six, but should know better by now.
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now when you guys say "shaves" do you mean passes, or shaving sessions... when i shave i usually do 2 passes. one wtg and one xtg. is that considered one shave, or two?
Two of your shaves are a little more than one of mine, three passes plus touchup.

I sometimes use Old Spice sensitive in the can, which allows the stiffer whiskers to wear out the blade faster.
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