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I am new to DE shaving and am wondering how many shaves people have with a blade before throwing them? I have been having 3 shaves and replacing the blade as I think they are dirt cheap.
Three shaves is about right. I think you'll find the average from the fellows here to be between 3-4 shaves to a blade.
I use mine 3-5 shaves, depending on the brand. Price tells more about the sharpness of a blade, then of the longevity imho.

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I do 2 shaves per blade. I can squeeze a 3rd out if necessary but for me I find that the blade starts to pull more at that point. You are right since blades are cheap there is no reason to suffer through an uncomfortable shave.
3 and out, whether it needs it or not. Sometimes less, because sometimes I feel like changing the blade for no particular reason, but never more than 3.

Usually two, sometimes three... sometimes one. If those first two strokes don't feel right, I toss it!
I get around 2-4 complete shaves from a blade, depending on the blade. This is with multiple passes per shave.

Edit: I'll be more specific.

Personna Red IP: 2 shaves
Astra Superior Platinum: 2 shaves
Gillette Yellow: 3-4 shaves
Swedes: 4 shaves
Super I's: 4 shaves

These are the blades that have worked well for me. I have some Sharks and Treet Durasharps coming, anticipate 2-3 shave max with those (if they work).
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about two or three. part of de shaving for me is blades are so cheap, so I'm not trying to squeeze out any shaves out of a less than perfect blade.
I am cheap and try to squeeze as much out of it as possible - 10 shaves is not unheard for me! :)

I user Personna as blades - anyone have experience with them? They seem sharp and long lasting.
As a relative new-comer to wet-shaving, I've always wondered how many shaves I should expect from a blade as well. The shaver in rotation presently is a Fat Boy, set at #8; and I use an open-comb Gillette once each week, usually Monday morning - I find it really does the best on more than one day old growth. I get a week from the blade in my fat boy, the open-comb can easily go a month if I use it only one time per week. What I notice is if I push past a week, I'll get what I think is a good close shave, but a few hours later, my skin "feels" raw, no cuts or other blemishes, but just "not right." My conclusion is that while the blade still shaves and does so in reasonable fashion, it is entirely because of my pre-shave routine and the reality is the blade is dull and needs to be replaced. Using a week time frame works for me. My favorite blade right now is the Feather. I like the Derby as well; not so crazy about the Merkur blades.
I've got a thick, coarse dark beard and I get 6-7 shaves out of a Derby with no issues at all.

When I was on holidays, I used a Derby blade for 2 weeks....although it was getting a bit dull towards the end. :biggrin:
3 and out, whether it needs it or not. Sometimes less, because sometimes I feel like changing the blade for no particular reason, but never more than 3.



I do this too...I just survey my razors about once a week and just start loading and unloading blades...for no reason at all even on razors I used once that week...i don't get it...but they are cheap so it's cool...
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