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Blade help! I've only used feather

Hello everbody,

Being in the military I am required to shave everyday. As you can imagine I was more than excited when I learned I could pay 10-20 bucks for 100 blades vice buying those obsurdely overpriced cartridges. I did some research and came to the misguided conclusion that sharper was better. It didn't long to learn that feather was the undisputed champion in the sharpness category. I'm putting these blades into my Feather AS-D2 which is pretty mild.

Now I find myself in a situation where I'm wondering if the blades may be TOO sharp. After about a week I've improved technique and have stopped cutting/nicking myself, but, I'm still getting some pretty bad razorburn on my cheeks. My stubble is pretty thick so I'm sure I need sharp blade still. I'm looking for something a little less sharp but a bit smoother on my face. I've looked around a bit and I'm thinking Astra or Personna.

Face prep includes:
hot shower with biore facewash
hot towel for 3 minutes
DR.Harris/Mitch's Wool Fat

If you have had any similar experience(s) I'd appreciate any advice/input on the matter.

I find astra greens to be nice and smooth, but still sharp with good cutting power..

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Feather are my favorite. I had a lot of razor burn with the feather tto razor, but with other razors and feather blades I get no burn or irritation.

I like the Pol Silver blades as an alternative to feather, and in a pinch, persona blades.
My top five (all sharp and smooth) in no particular order:
Astra SP
Personna lab
Personna reds
And THANK YOU for your service! :a14::a14::a14:
My top five (all sharp and smooth) in no particular order:
Astra SP
Personna lab
Personna reds
And THANK YOU for your service! :a14::a14::a14:

Hey thanks for the support!

In my search I keep finding Personna blue labs and Astra greens to be pretty close to what I think that I'm looking for. They're often said to be very similar. Having tried both, how would you compare/contrast the two?
You can always buy a sample blade pack from most online vendors. I think West Coast Shaving still has their free shipping event going on.

Wetshaving takes a few months to nail down the technique, pressure, etc.
Persona blue = smooth and sharp

But like jack Goldman said it’s all about technique and pressure.. I got razor burn when shaving until these were improved
Personally I don't find that razor burn is caused by the sharpness of blade, but angle and pressure. It's a great idea to try other blades, also check lightness of touch, angle and lather consistency.
usually 2-3 passes

If my face is up for it Ill do one pass wtg and one pass atg.

If my face is a bit raw from the day before Ill do 1 wtg and two cross grain.

As far as pressure goes, I barely rest the blade against my face. I do have to apply a small amount of pressure to move the blade through my stuble. I've heard many say to let the weight of the razor cut the hair, but, when I try that (perhaps too literally) the blade will get stuck on my hairs and sort of hang there; not all the time but sometimes.
Try focus on blade angle if pressure is light.. sounds like u may be cutting skin along with hair
Thats one of the the things im tinkering with now. Only problem I have with that is the fact that the Feather AS-D2 has a very small window to tinker with at all. The razor is so mild that the range of skind contact is very slim. I've been trying to keep the angle between the blade and my face as low as possible. I think this is reffered to as cap riding?
Give Voskhods a whirl. Not too sharp. Not too sensitive. Just right!

+1 I use Voskhod a lot but I would recommend Personna Blues and Gillette Silver Blues...super smooth and plenty sharp. You have good suggestions...Personna Blues with a light touch and you won’t even know you’re shaving.
Ron R has produced an excellent graph of blades:
Sharp - Smooth Ron R.jpg

But as others have said, you might just need to use the razor more to develop your technique more, a less sharp blade might help there though. If you get other blades, go back every so often and re-try the feathers.
Sergeant my two favorite blades are personna (blue) and Gillette silver blues. I like them equally well. But the personna blades are such a bargain. You can usually find the for $11 per 100.
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