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Blade gap and exposure

It says it all, small gap and good exposure.
This guy is a genius!
Like a few of us around here, I thought this razor was a joke for years and didn't take it seriously. It is what has completely changed my thinking and preferences and frankly what I thought possible. I wrote something to this affect in the favourite new purchase of 22' thread. On the flip side, the Yates razors demonstrate a similar level of innovation with high gap razors as an alternate to the pricey WR2. And the Green Cult 2.0 in the budget category rounds out three.
Where is this thread?

And the Karve CB plate G, did you try it?

BTW, you never tried the Progress?

Chose Tatara over Karve. Still plan to try Progress eventually, we have a dealer for the Mergress near me.
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