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Blade disposal

I was wondering how most of you dispose of your razor blades? Of course some blades come in plastic packs that have used blade compartments in the bottom, but for the ones that come in mini cardboard boxes or are packaged some other way without a used blades area, how do you dispose of your blades? I know if disposed carelessly they are still ridiculously sharp and can cause a terrible surprise for someone handling trash...

I just went by my nearest pharmacy and asked for a small sharps container. It was free, but your local pharmacy may be different. You can also buy them at places like CVS.

They can send it off to proper disposal for you or you can fill it with plaster of Paris and throw it away. When I filled my first one up I just ducttaped the entire opening and lid/top and took it to CVS for disposal. I just made sure it wouldn't crack open if it fell down from a high height.
I have an old beer can that I keep in my medicine cabinet that my wife and I put used blades into, When it fills up , it will go into the recycling bin. After 5 years of de shaving it is about 1/3 full.
I made my own blade bank. On Thanksgiving, we had plenty of empty green bean cans. My can opener cuts the can underneath the rim and doesn't leave a sharp edge. So, I took the can and the lid and cleaned them up really good. I glued the lid back onto the can. I took a knife and cut a slit into the top of the can. Then, I spray painted the can and let it hang dry. Once it dried, I thought it needed a little bit more. I was looking for a cool sticker or something to put on the can but never ran across one. However, I did find one of those temporary tattoos in 50-cent machine next to the gumball machines. Got one of those and put it on the can and held a wet washcloth on it. Removed the paper and bam...the tattoo stuck to the can perfect.

And there we go...that's what I use for blade disposal. It should fill up in about 10 years. I have a picture of it but I'm having computer issues so it won't let me attach the file.
I was wondering how most of you dispose of your razor blades? Of course some blades come in plastic packs that have used blade compartments in the bottom...
I use the same plastic pack (tuck) to fill the main compartment. Any tuck should accommodate at least 70 blades. Tape it and dispose when full.
A vendor left some of these in the office during the holidays. When the tin was empty I took it home, superglued the top on and cut an opening in the top. I'm good for years.

I repurposed a tin from Williams Sonoma. It was a small tin, about the size of a TOBS container, that contained spices for making your own burgers (which reminds me I need to get more of this before spring). I liked the general style of the graphics on it so I left it alone. I applied glue to the inside of the rim of the can to permanently secure the lid on, then I used a dremel and a small wheel to open a small 'coin slot' on the top for blades. Works perfectly, I like the look and it should take me years to fill it.
I use a sharps container, and will end up dropping it off at the dump years from now when it is full.

Toothpick - I think you need more of those little flag/insignias!
Thanks for all the ideas and the links to those other threads with all the pictures.

And Toothpick, I hear you're both a vegetarian and a carnivore?
as i posted in another post

EDIT: Why it's great ? I Dremeled on the side a slot. iT's perfectly wide enough for one blade, so that the blades falls piling one on top of the other
No one handles your trash by hand, and if they do one razor blade is the least of their concern. Recycling facilities know how to handle much worse stuff.
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