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Blade coatings to prevent corrosion and enhance shave

Do most/all razor blades have a coating to prevent corrosion prior to use?

That's been my assumption. Conditions for blades en route to your razor can be brutal, considering they must endure everything from months of Indian monsoon, blazing Arabian heat, Asian smog, and Amazon rainforest humidity, not to mention Amazon warehouses.

At some point, I think the blades may have had a thin coating of paraffin, based on my vague recollections. For awhile now some blades have been coated with PTFE, at least on the edges. Some seem to have a plastic/polymer coating on the whole blade, judging from my difficulty getting a permanent marker to write permanently on them. Do any still use paraffin (perhaps the cheap Indian blades)?

Did old, vintage blades have a protective coating? If so, to what extent do they preserve them in usable condition? How far back?

Do single edge blades, particularly the ones with a spine - boxcutter form, have a protective coating?

Perhaps the platinum or chrome sputtering makes an additional layer of protection unnecessary?

Some coatings, of course, may enhance the shaving experience. I wonder what other coatings there are?

The Laser Ultra triple coated blades and nice and smooth, though they only last a few shaves. They don't say what the coatings are, and given the price, I suspect it does not include platinum or even chrome. So, there's 1) PTFE (the generic name for Teflon, a trademark of DuPont), and there's 2 _____, and 3 ______?

BTW, other coatings I have seen mentioned include "ceramic" and titanium, which sometimes seems to be titanium nitride, a form of ceramic.

I see members sometimes suggesting that poor warehouse storage conditions may have resulted in name brand blades shaving very badly, vs. being counterfeit. I wonder if that can really occur, presuming manufacturers use a protective coating? Nevertheless, a lack of coating might affect one's choice of where to buy blades from.

Your thoughts and expertise welcome!
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