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Blade aligners for Gibbs Adjustable Razors

Hello gents,

I came across this link with 3D printing files for Gibbs Adjustable blade aligners.
We all know that it's quite a pain to perfectly align the holes when we're using a punch or to center the blade when we cut the tabs.
I thought it's a very smart idea, so I ordered some in PLA and nylon. PLA is noticeably more precise (the 3D printing shop has actually warned me that nylon is a bit more difficult to work with for such small parts)

They actually work very well. Cut the blade, place it on top of the aligners, close the top and you're done. There's zero impact on the gap or the adjustment motion.

I'll let the photos do the talking.

So here you have the link with the downloadable files, if you decide to give them a try. And a big thank you to Fabiem, the creator.

I ordered them here: Atelier3DStore on Etsy - https://www.etsy.com/shop/Atelier3DStore
Axel, the owner, is an absolute gentleman and a pleasure to work with.

I hope they'll work for you.



2021-11-04 19.16.36.jpg

2021-11-04 19.16.27.jpg

2021-11-04 19.15.21.jpg

2021-11-04 19.16.05.jpg

2021-11-04 19.16.46.jpg

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