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Discussion in 'Single Edged Razors' started by imatabor, Aug 6, 2019.

    I just wanted to throw this out there. I have a Vector, that I love by the way, but the blade was so tight on the retaining tabs that I had a really hard time removing it. I actually cut my thumb trying to pry the blade out. I contacted Blackland and asked if this was normal for the razor. I never heard back.
    Well today I got a small package in the mail from Blackland. It was a new cap. This one is perfect. The blade is held tight but not wedged on. I'm impressed that they sent the cap without any issue at all....very nice.
    I am perplexed that I never did receive any communications though. Even the package I received today didn't have any type of note or even an invoice, it was just the cap.

    Over all very happy. The Vector has become one of my favorite razors and I'm glad Blackland stands by their product.
  1. lancre

    lancre Contributor

    Glad they took care of you. Losing your pinkie is bad enough. Losing your thumb is a whole lot worse.:117:
  2. Great service by Blackland.
  3. My guess is that an e-mail was supposed to have been sent but was overlooked. Much better than the shipping getting overlooked and the e-mail getting sent. :)

    Good to here they took care of you though!
  4. Hey John. I'm glad the new cap arrived safely and works well. I'm sorry you didn't receive an email response from me. Probably an oversight or something silly like forgetting to press send. I try my best to never leave an email unanswered.
  5. No sweat. It all ended with a happy ending. I hope I didn't come across as dissing you or the company.
  6. I certainly didn’t take it that way! :)
  7. You learned your lesson after they took your pinky, I'm sure!

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  8. ackvil

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    Customer service is so important but so many companies don't give it after they get your money. Glad to hear that Blackland provides good service after the sale.
  9. Ron R

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    :thumbup: Vector is a cool looking SE IMO. Sounds like good customer care also which is important to new razor owners.

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