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Blackland Tradere, Timeless SS .95, Merkur Futur, (2) Parker Variants…

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A few razors that just don’t get any use in my shave den. And honestly, gearing up for a couple other razors that have my interest piqued. Yes, PayPal ready to comply with forum guidelines & rules concerning payment. Prices listed include all costs including shipping & handling. Any questions, don’t hesitate to ask here in the thread or direct pm. Thanks for looking and happy shaves…. :shaving:

Blackland Tradere SB $185. The razor is in mint like new condition. I’ve always had a delrin washer installed between the handle and base plate. Not a single mark, scratch or spec to speak of. Only issue is the knurling on the handle as it looks to have been rolled twice at the manufacturer/machine shop where it was made. Regularly these go at retail for $265 from the Blackland website but, because of that slight flaw I’ve adjusted the price accordingly. Does nothing to the quality of shave that it provides. Smooth, mild yet deceptively efficient. And a beauty to look at. Comes with full presentation as seen in pics.




Timeless SS .95 OC, Scalloped W/Pineapple handle $140. No need to explain what this razor is. As a 3 pc. razor it’s arguably one of the best one’s ever made. If you like some blade feel yet uncanny smoothness, here’s your huckleberry. I purchased this razor used on the bst some time back and yes, it has some markings on the base plate where the handle mates to it. Still, I installed a washer to keep it from wearing more. Shipped with its box.





Merkur Futur & (2) Parker Variant Rose Gold & Black adjustable razors $30 each. Want to get in on the adjustable razor game on the cheap? You’d be hard pressed to find a better deal on real good razors (I still have a Gold Futur & a Gray Parker Variant that are staying) that shave beautifully. From mild to wild and daily to once every week or two, these razors deliver. No original boxes with these but, they will be packed carefully and shipped in generic boxes.




Again, thanks for looking….. :thumbup1:
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