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Blackland razors appreciation thread

I had the pleasure to receive 5 @Blackland Razors so far. I won’t even mention them…

I’m here to say that I never came across a vendor with such an exceptional care for the customers!
Absolutely spot on communication (emails or forums), always available to provide an answer, solution or just an honest advice (even if it implies recommending a competitor).

Call me a fanboy if you wish, but for all the reasons in the world, my latest Blackland razor definitely won’t be my last.

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Thanks for the kind words, guys! I appreciate it and we'll keep forging ahead. We'll be adding more team members over the coming months and maintaining that level of care and service as we grow is something I'm highly cognizant of and focused on. It's easy to do when you're the only one answering the phone. It's tougher to create the systems that enable others to carry on that consistent service.
It is super duper cool that Shane hangs out here and all. But until last night I had not experienced a Blackland Razor when the mail brought a generously loaned SS Blackbird. Holy Schneikies, now *that* is a razor. Almost as nice as a Yates :)
For me it is the Blackland Tradere SB that checks all of the boxes. I spoke with Shane before pre-ordering from his original batch. He steered me properly and took all risk out of the purchase with the satisfaction guarantee.

Fortunately or maybe unfortunately I no longer have any desire to purchase another razor. My Timeless Titanium which I can only say good things about has become my travel razor as it is too good to not use.

I discussed a Titanium Blackbird with Shane and after realizing there would be no risk in purchasing it expected to buy one when it became available. But by the time of its release, the Blackland Tradere SB was so good for me, I no longer desired another razor.

Should the urge to buy another razor return, a Blackland razor will likely be the cause.
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