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FSOT Blackland Era #4 plate, GEM Clog Pruf, Badger/Board mix brush

I've enjoyed the Era but want to try something with a bit more blade feel. I'm hoping to trade either the #4 SB base plate I have for an OC #4 or #5. Otherwise, I'd sell the base plate for $20 shipped CONUS or buy a OC #4 or #5. If that fails, I could maybe be talked into selling the Era and plate for $60 shipped CONUS, or trading it for a RazorRock Gamechanger .84 SB.


Brush is a A4mm 70/30 Badger-boar mix knot set in a Charcoal Goods black metal handle. A very nice brush - soft like badger but with a bit more backbone. I've been using my pure boar and horse knots exclusively for the past several months so this needs a good home. A very good brush. $35 shipped CONUS.


GEM Clog-Pruf with a few blades to go with it. A little brassing on the top. TTO works fine - everything works as it should. I'm just not a GEM guy. $14 shipped CONUS.

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