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Blackland Brotherhood - B³

Welcome to the Blackland Blackbird Brotherhood, AKA B³!

I have been really growing to lover this razor, and I am beginning to think that it may become my new daily driver.

So I was astonished to learn that there was no club or brotherhood for these amazing razors.

Well now that has changed!

And what's a brotherhood without pics? Unfortunately my photographic skills are pretty poor, but here goes anyway:

OK, I got a fantastic shave with a Voskhod last night. It seems that no matter what blade i put into the bird it gives me a great shave with no irritation.

I think I'll try a med prep next.
I am resurrecting the B³— Blackland Blackbird Brotherhood!
Let us be proud & blessed of owning this amazing artisan razor. Who is in?

New Envy Shave Aluminati brush....25mm silvertip, dig it.

Interesting thing about the handle being aluminum? It stays warm during the shave. Didn't even know I needed that, but it was awesome.
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