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Blackland Blackbird "Lite"

As of today, Blackland has introduced the Blackbird Lite!!! Below is all of the information provided about it.

TLDR: Its not a "new" razor. Its a new base plate.


"The brand new Blackbird Lite is available now! To make it even better, we're extended our Blackland Friday discount for the Blackbird Lite.

Save 20-25% on the Blackbird Lite and Blackbird Lite Base Plate until Dec 14th.

What The Blackbird Lite Is

The Blackbird Lite is a milder take on our flagship Blackbird razor. It’s the same unique Blackbird shave you know and love, now with less blade feel for a smoother, gentler experience.

To tone down the Blackbird, we designed a base plate that reduces both blade gap and exposure while retaining the unique experience that makes the Blackbird such a special razor.

Who the Blackbird Lite Is For

  • If you tried the Blackbird and found it to be too much blade feel and efficiency.
  • If you’ve wanted a Blackbird, but were nervous about blade feel.
  • If you love the Blackbird, but your skin can't handle it every day.
How does the Blackbird Lite Shave?

The Blackbird Lite features a slightly positive blade exposure and a small blade gap. This combination results in a razor that has some blade feel and solid efficiency while being gentler and more forgiving than the Blackbird.

We designed the Blackbird Lite for those who want to love the Blackbird, but don't need all that extra efficiency. The Blackbird Lite is a wonderful compromise which makes it great for daily shavers, users with sensitive skin, and anyone nervous about stepping up the efficiency and blade feel of the Blackbird.

  1. Is the Blackbird Lite a full new razor?
    • No. The Blackbird Lite is a new base plate for the Blackbird.
  2. Can I buy just the base plate?
  3. Does this have zero blade feel?
    • No. The Blackbird Lite has some blade feel - about half as much as the Blackbird.
  4. I love my Blackbird. Do I need the Lite, too?
    • Nope! If you love your Blackbird and don't want something milder, don't buy this.
  5. Is this a super mild razor?
    • No. The Blackbird Lite is not a mild razor. It has positive blade exposure and mid-high efficiency.
  6. Why does the Blackbird Lite get its own razor page if it's just a new base plate?
    • The Blackbird has been around for about seven years and a lot of content has been written about it. We made the Lite a separate product to avoid confusion and to clarify which product is the original.
  7. Why did you name it the Lite instead of Level One?
    • If this razor were called Level One, then we'd have to call the original Blackbird the Blackbird Level Two. That isn't something we want to do and it would cause a lot of confusion.
  8. Is this available now?
    • Yes! The Blackbird Lite and Blackbird Lite Base Plate are available now. And they're 20-25% off through December 14th!"


Dances with Wolfs
Why would anyone want a milder Blackbird? :eek2:

Just kidding. I know full well. I stated with the BB at the very beginning, and it was really too much for me. I took me a few years to really get to the point where I could shave with it. And of course, now i love it. But I can see this allowing people with gentler skin types to really enjoy the BB. Excellent job Blackland!
Been very content with my meager 2 razor (1 DE, 1 AC) rotation, and assumed the purchase of a DE was just not in the cards for me. Buuuuut...a Ti Lite might get me to open my wallet.
Great marketing (and discount). I always thought the original Blackbird would be a bit too much for me. But I do like your products (own a Vector), so when this thing came out I couldn't resist and ordered one complete Lite razor this morning. Looking forward to it and hoping it will be every bit as good as my Vector.
It’s as if he’s taking away my excuses for why I don’t have a blackbird. I can see a polished stainless blackbird lite in my future. I’d probably start with lite and add the standard plate later.
Hi Shane one question, with the arrival of the blackbird lite on the security bar, is there any possibility that the open comb will come out in the future?
Hi Shane one question, with the arrival of the blackbird lite on the security bar, is there any possibility that the open comb will come out in the future?

Possible, but not in the works currently. We'll wait on feedback.
Shane - @Blackland Razors - are you willing to reveal the specs on the Bird Lite?

We all of course know the specs on the regular Bird (.58mm gap-.101mm exposure)

Nope. We no longer publish blade geometry specs for any of our razors and that won't change in the future.
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