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FS Blackland Blackbird Brass polished SB and machined OC - Semogue Excelsior brushes boar and badger

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As I'm now happy with my Blackbird setup, the time has come to have others who've missed the boat enjoy this great razor at a discount, as usual with my listings shipping is CONUS only and shipping is included in the price.

A quick note about both Blackbirds:
The polished SB is obviously force patina'd but for those who'd want it "clean" should be able to do so no problem either with a white vinegar/baking soda solution or whatever brass polishing product is out on the market.

As for the open comb, as shown in the picture for the razor it had apparently arrived with the corners on one side of the plate dented in a bit as I've at no point ever dropped this razor, however having used this razor I noticed no effect on the shave whatsoever and infact the shave compelled me more towards getting the OC plate from Blackland's liquidation of brass parts FWIW, in any case I took off a bit more from the overall price of the OC as a result of this imperfection.

Blackland Blackbird brass polished/patina $180

Originally ran me $230 new, letting it go for $180, felt it was getting that patina going as much as I wanted so I took it upon myself to buy a brass darkening product to help it along, I've also included a bonus 30 Personna lab blue blades in addition to the lab blues that came with it that weren't touched.


Blackland Blackbird brass machined open comb $130

Originally ran me $170+ on Maggard's sale, I'm letting it go for $130, top cap as previously mentioned suffered some sort of damage due to shipping somehow or a possible manufacturer oversight (these things happen I suppose) but again it shaved as well if not better than the polished version for me due to the OC plate and didn't seem to have any negative effect on the shave, and also includes a bonus 30 Personna lab blue blades in addition to the lab blues that came with it that weren't touched.


Semogue Excelsior pair of brushes; 820 boar and 2040HD Super Badger $50

Trying not to swim in brushes, and I have better alternatives to these two however they're both AWESOME brushes otherwise with the added novelty of the rare "Excelsior" stickers vs "Hereditas" like you see nowadays, boar cost me $30 new, badger $70, want to let them go as a pair for a mere $5020211001_113819.jpg20211001_113726.jpg

As always, thanks for looking!
If anyone is considering the whole package, I can take an additional 10 off of the Blackbird and take half off the brush pair, making the razor and brushes cost $145 altogether.
I'm pulling the Blackbird OC from sale as I've decided to gift it to a good friend of mine that I've gotten into wetshaving, however I'll leave the pair of Excelsior brushes up for sale for the $50, and to sweeten the pot a bit I have an unused Razorock Disruptor model synthetic I can toss in for free with purchase of the pair
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