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Black Tea Recommendations

I couldn't find it at my local Trader Joe's and they had never heard of it. I got it at Whole Foods. There is a light and also a dark amber one. Next time I'm there I'll pick up the dark amber one and see if there is a stronger flavor to it. To me, the light tastes like pure sugar.

The product description is "light agave nectar from the weber azul." One appeal to the product is that it is a low glycemic sweetener for those who have to concern themselves with that.
My Trader Joe's doesn't have it either. I'll check Whole Foods sometime this week. If the light tastes like sugar that what I want. The fact that it inters the blood stream more slowly than sugar is a plus, from my pov.
If you are looking for a good earl gray with a little something different I keep Earl Grey Lavender tea from Revolution Teas in my desk at work. I rather like the taste, but the lavender is very distinctive.
For fans of Earl Grey who prefer something stronger for breakfast, I can recommend Whittard of Chelsea's Breakfast Earl Grey. Basically an English Breakfast blend (Assam, Ceylon and Kenya) flavoured with Bergamot oil.
Potent wake-up brew, perfect for summer mornings.
I think everyone should try some basic types, non-blended, just to have done it, and get a feel for what they are like. Some Ceylon, some Assam, some Darjeeling, some Lapsang Souchong (I bet I'm forgetting some). Especially the Lapsang. I'm one of the crazy people who likes it :smile:

Having said that (and I guess I'm getting a little bit off topic here) I'm very fond of Genmaicha, which is a Japanese green tea with roasted brown rice. I think I know even fewer people who like that, than like Lapsang. :biggrin:


I grew up drinking Barry's Classic and Gold blend.
Until I went to college and discovered the joys of coffee, I have a pot every morning now and save the coffee till I get to work. I like both bags(Gold) and loose(Classic) although I have had them both in both loose and bagged.
I like Bigelow's English Breakfast for an eye-opener in the morning. But the selection around here is pretty limited. I know there are many teas I have never tried.